July 11, 2014

Midsummer and still Unemployed

I turned seventeen today. Like every year, it was no different than every other day of my life except for the fact that I'm one year older than I was yesterday. I got cheesecake—my favorite—balloons, and the most adorable birthday card that plays the birthday song. It's not a lot for a birthday present (wow I sound ungrateful), but I've received a lot of spontaneous presents already this year and I still have a lot of stuff to be grateful for.

I also continue to be unemployed despite summer being half over. I was supposed to get a call a loooong time ago from a workforce agency office thing but I've gotten no calls so I will continue jobless until God knows when. I guess this is a sign that I'm not cut out for part time jobs??? I applied to Whataburger and Burger King at the beginning of summer but neither called me so it must be that.

Also, I have to read Frankenstein for school but it's so boring and in a language I don't understand (Yes, it's English, but it's old so it might as well not be).