January 2, 2015

New Year Resolutions?

Leave it to me to not post on the first day of the New Year. But I mean, I've learned in recent years that posting or writing about my resolutions isn't going to make them any more attainable or realistic. Therefore, I didn't write down any resolutions for this year, as I've discovered that lists make me anxious when I see that I haven't accomplished anything on them. I like to do things spontaneously and at my own pace.

One thing I do want to achieve, however, is this 2015 reading list I found on 9gag. I've stopped reading as much as I used to in elementary school, and although I'd like to blame school and homework for taking time away, I know for a fact that the time I waste online could just as easily be spent on reading or studying Korean. So if I had to state my "official" resolutions, it would be completing this 2015 Reading Challenge and studying Korean enough to not have to take the beginner Korean language courses at UPenn next year.

2015, here I come!